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Benefits of couples counseling

A common problem when a couple is having difficulty is that they don’t talk about it. The first step to solving any problem is being able to discuss it. Obviously, if a couple is not talking about their problems, then the relationship will either be miserable, or eventually fail.troubled-couple-counseling-south-jersey

Couples counseling, starting right from the first visit, will get the couple talking about their problems and thereby moving them forward to solving them.

Help With Communicating Clearly

Even if a couple discusses their difficulties, they are often not able to express their concerns and frustrations clearly. The ability to clearly communicate is staggeringly uncommon. A couples counselor can facilitate discussion and help each person express themselves clearly.

Often times, we don’t even know ourselves what is troubling us. A counselor can help someone first understand themselves and then clearly communicate that to a partner.

frustrated-couple-with-south-jersey-therapistOvercoming Roadblocks

Unproductive habits are a roadblock to repairing a relationship. For example, relationship researchers have found that frequent criticism directed to a partner is a leading cause of breakups. When talking about difficult problems, people are prone to criticize and blame the other person. This is extremely unproductive and serves to only frustrate both parties. Couples need to learn how to focus their attention on the problem, and not on criticizing or blaming each other.

This is where a couples counselor can be a great help. Directing cheap shots and criticism at each other is so common that we often don’t even realize we are doing it. And in many cases, some even refuse to believe that criticism is bad.

While working through challenging problems, a couples counselor can help the couple redirect their energies to focusing on the problem rather than lobbing criticism at each other. Each time one person criticizes the other, the therapist can gently remind them of what they are doing and guide them to redirecting their speech to the problem at hand and away from the individual.

Maintaining Commitment To Repairing The Relationship

Another benefit of working with a couples counselor is that it can help the couple stay on track. Most people live extremely busy lives. As a result, we get caught up in the day-to-day, avoiding our problems and then wondering why our situation is not improving.

Couple reaching break through in therapy session
Couple reaching break through in therapy session

Meeting with a therapist once a week will keep the couple on track. In many cases, the therapist will give homework or exercises for the couple to carry out during the week, and then spend the next session reflecting on the experience.

In addition, many relationship repair strategies require consistent effort to successfully implement before seeing any visible results. The therapist will help the couple stay on track to carry out the hard work required to repair the relationship.

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