Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test – It’s One Question!

Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test

Have you ever wondered whether somebody you know, possibly a pal, a coworker, or even a close member of the family, is a narcissist? How would you find out? You might attempt to get the individual of interest assessed by a licensed clinical psychologist, for most likely, a high charge. Alternatively, you might attempt to administer the most commonly used narcissistic personality disorder test. The problem is, it has 40 questions and the narcissist isn’t likely going to be patient enough to answer them all over a cup of coffee. Yet, I have a distinct sensation that neither of these options appear possible to most individuals.


Well, fear no more. Here is the Narcissistic Personality Disorder Test to beat all others. At Indiana University, Sara Konrath and her associates recently looked for a simpler way to administer a test. They came up with the Single-Item Narcissism Scale (SINS). Of course, experts were skeptical about the concept that one basic question could accurately identify narcissists. Narcissism is such a complex and multidimensional personality type. One such skeptical group of scientists decided to reproduce the research to see if they could get the same findings with a sample of over 2,000 American adults.narcissistic personality disorder test


The outcomes of the brand-new study were just recently published here.  The researchers were able to duplicate the majority of the authors’ initial findings. They drew two primary conclusions with this shortened narcissistic personality disorder test.


(1) The single-question step does undoubtedly correlate positively with the more intricate 40-item NPI questionnaire. In other words, both tests are able to identify stuck up hipsters.


(2) Importantly, while the NPI-based procedure seems to merge narcissism with regular, or healthy self-esteem, the single-item questionnaire did not associate with healthy self worth at all. In other words, the measure does not appear to catch individuals who may have some milder forms of narcissism. That the question really singles out the full-blown narcissists very well.


I’m sure by now that you are extremely concerned that you narcissism is going to be quite easy to figure out. So, you want to know what the question is? Drumroll please… If you wish to discover out whether somebody is a narcissist, merely ask:


Are you a “narcissist”?narcissistic-lord-farquaad


You likely are thinking that there is no way this narcissistic personality disorder test could be accurate, and it definitely doesn’t always work to ask people straight up about their personality characteristics, but in the case of narcissism it is different. Why is this the case you ask? Well, it turns out that narcissists do not appear to see their narcissism as a bad thing. In fact, they are most likely to be pleased with it! Certainly, a number of recent researches (link is external)have shown that narcissists commonly admit that they act in clearly conceited methods, that they gladly describe themselves as conceited, braggy, etc., and even strive to be more egotistical! Narcissists likewise appear aware that other people see them less positively than they see themselves, yet simply don’t care. Don’t you just feel like punching people like this?


One expert recommends that there are several intriguing elements about the narcissistic personality disorder test itself that might play an essential function in its validity:


1) First, the scale asks participants if they are the “noun” (narcissist), not the adjective (narcissistic). Think about it. It allows the narcissists to admit to their character and offers them the opportunity to enhance their ego.


2) Second, the one-item study includes a definition of what it means to be narcissistic: The word ‘narcissist’ indicates one is egotistical, self-focused, and vain.” If a more serious set of descriptive qualities had been selected, it might have been too difficult for people to respond accurately.

Young woman kissing reflection of self in mirror.
Young woman kissing reflection of self in mirror.


Naturally, self-reports aren’t perfect. People may state one thing, and the fact might be another. In addition, a single-question like that does not inform us much about the “type” of narcissism we’re dealing with or whether specific conceited characteristics (e.g., grandiosity) are more pronounced than others (e.g., absence of empathy), which is vital due to the fact that we understand various aspects of narcissism can affect behavior differently.


So, to sum all this up, find out whether someone is a narcissist is easier than we thought with this narcissistic personality disorder test.

Simply stated, if you wish to find out whether somebody you know is a narcissist, it may be worth simply asking! And once you know, here’s how to deal with them.

The One Characteristic That Can Keep a Relationship Together

get compassion into your relationship

If you could only choose one tool in the toolbox of keeping a relationship together or getting back together with someone after a breakup, that tool would be compassion. It’s hard to imagine a healthy relationship in which the couple have little or no compassion for each other. Analyze the reasons for almost any relationship breakup, and you will likely find the absence of compassion. So what is compassion? What are some of the ways that you can express this in your current relationship? What does compassion look like when you’re trying to repair a broken relationship?

Let’s take a look at arguments. Every couple argues with each other. This is virtually unavoidable. However, there are ways that a healthy couple argues and then there are ways that unhealthy couples argue. As it happens, couples that breakup often do not know how to deal with problems with compassion.

Perhaps the easiest way to explain this is to draw attention to what arguments should be about. Healthy couples argue about problems, not about each other. There are always going to be things about your partner that annoy you. If you want your relationship to last, then start programming yourself not to criticize or berate your partner for anything that they do. In addition, while arguing you must absolutely refrain from criticizing, berating, and name-calling your partner. Arguments should be focused on the problem that the couple is facing or the “behavior” that either couple may be unhappy with about the other. Stay focused on the problem and the behavior. If you feel like you have to berate something or call something “stupid”, be sure that you are directing it at the problem or the behavior. You should never direct name-calling and berating to your partner as a person.

Perhaps the opposite of compassionate behavior is the practice of tearing down your partner. Saying things to him like “be a man”, “you are a loser”, or “can’t you get a real job”. And of course the same goes for the way a man talks to a woman. If you want to make a change today that will get you the biggest bang for your buck and becoming a more compassionate person and increasing the chances of your relationship being successful, or increasing the likelihood that you’ll be able to repair a broken relationship, then start by monitoring how you talk to your partner and be sure that you are not directing any negativity to them as a person. Any speech that you directed them as a person should be positive and compassionate. When you are frustrated and angry, be sure that you are directing those negative and angry words at the problem or the behavior.

Compassion and its close cousin, empathy, are the healing waters to a parched relationship.

Can I Get My Ex Back

Can I Get My Ex Back
Can I Get My Ex Back

Can I get my ex back is a question heard many times. You are not the only one wondering if it is possible to reignite an old relationship. Since there are likely many factors that contributed to the breakup it’s difficult to say with any certainty that repairing the relationship is possible. For more in depth and detailed help you might consider using this powerful system. Let’s cover some surface considerations.

The first question you may want to consider is how did things end. What was the straw that broke the camel’s back? Did you separate peaceably or did you separate with a huge fight? If it ended peaceably, then at least you can simply reconnect and move on to getting the relationship going again. If it ended in a huge fight, then it is likely you would simply breakup again if you were to get back together. Successful relationships don’t have huge ugly fights. Successful couples do disagree with each other and do talk about and resolve their disagreements, but they don’t have huge ugly fights about them. You may be able to get back together with your ex, but you two need to learn how to talk about problems, not fight about them, if you want the relationship to last.

If you are not sure what to do, then it might help to seek the advice of a friend. Talk to someone about how you want to get back together with your ex. Get their perspective on things. You’re not really getting their permission, rather you are just asking them what they think.

However, when looking to friends for help there is something you must understand. Friends can help you to think more clearly, to reflect on things, to understand what caused the breakup, etc. However, friends are likely not where you want to get the how-to advice. It’s better to get this information from an expert or from a book on the subject, such as this one.

One of the biggest dangers of seeking advice from a friend is that they may not be impartial. Your friend may really want you to get back with your ex, or they may really NOT want you to get back with your ex. This will, not maybe, influence the kind of advice they give you. An expert, like a counselor or a book, can be more impartial.

Furthermore, when seeking advice from a friend, watch out for unorthodox or risky solutions. For example, tactics to manipulate your ex in a devious way so they come back to you is probably not a good thing to do. In some cases this could be outright dishonest. Sift through the advice. Keep the good advice and throw out the bad.

Believe it or not, the reasons for breakups are very few. There hundreds of issues that some call the reasons why we breakup. However, you can count on your two hands the number of real reasons why people break up. For example, one common reason why people break up is criticism. When people try to solve problems, they often argue and blame the other. A relationship where the couple deals with problems by criticizing each other, assigning blame, and not taking responsibility for themselves, are relationships that are likely to fail.

“You always do that.” “You never….”

Do those phrases sound familiar? Statements like these said and heard over and over again have been proven to lead to breakups. Some relationship researchers can even predict to 90% accuracy whether a couple will breakup simply by listening to them discuss a problem in their relationship. A simple 15-minute discussion laden with each couple criticizing and blaming the other is an indication that the marriage will very likely at some point in the future end in divorce.

You may be able to get your ex back, but will you be able to keep them? Learn lasting solutions that not only will help you get your ex back, but will also help you keep them. This ebook that you can download right now is a great place to start.

Save Your Marriage – Four Helpful Srategies

Save Your Marriage

It is never too late to save your marriage. You need to believe this to build up the hope required to move on. Divorce is a terrible thing for the spouses and especially the children. For years now, the divorce rate has been hovering around 50%. Psychologist who study stress have discovered that a divorce is even more stressful than a death of a loved one. In addition, it is never easy to just start fresh with someone new. The same problems will sooner or later arise.

It is true that most marriages can be saved. It is such a pity when a divorce happens that could have been avoided. Don’t let this happen to you. If there is a way to save your marriage, then you should try to find it. Here are some steps you can follow right now to get started on repairing your broken relationship.

Like any project, you can’t save your marriage without first having a plan. Any venture approached in a haphazard way is doomed to failure from the beginning. It’s like building a house without blueprints. Here are some pointers to get your started on a plan.

Step 1

First, you need to find the source of your problem(s). This is often very difficult because we tend to blame the more obvious problems at the expense of looking for the root problem. For example, if you were unfaithful to your spouse, this likely wasn’t the REAL problem. Why were you unfaithful? Answer this question. Then, concerning the answer, ask “why?” again. Keep asking why until you work your way back to the root issue.

Step 2

Second, once you have identified the problem, set out to solving the it. Solving the problem may not be that hard at all. For example, the root cause of you being unfaithful may simply be because your spouse wasn’t giving you enough attention. The solution to this problem is to find ways to spend more intimate time together.

Step 3

Next, an important exercise throughout the process of fixing the problem in your marriage is to remember all the positive things about your relationship from its beginning. This is a powerful exercise. It can reinforce the current state of your relationship with the energy it needs to repair itself.

Step 4

Finally, you need to start a fresh chapter with your spouse. There needs to be closure on the troublesome portion of your relationship, and then a new fresh beginning to your positive future together. Some ways to achieve this are to renew your vows to each other. Also, you could go on a second honeymoon. Both of these activities can help give your marriage a fresh start.

These four steps are a solid plan for getting back together. Of course, these steps a much easier to talk about. Doing them can be extremely difficult. There are several great books you can read that detail, step-by-step, how to save your marriage quickly.. The Ex Back System is a highly effective and systematic program that can help you repair your marriage. It comes with a no-questions-asked 60-day money back guarantee. You have nothing to lose. Countless others have saved their relationships with this program. Give it a try right now.

Ways To Get Your Girlfriend Back

waystogetyourgirlfriendback-2If you are set on it, there are a number of ways to get your girlfriend back that you can follow to ensure that you succeed. A method is only good if it helps you get her back, right? I will only share a few of the methods here. Go here for a full explanations of the whole series of methods and step-by-step detail of how to use them correctly.

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Get Your Girlfriend Back By Increasing Your Attractiveness

Do you want to get your girlfriend back?  Did you know that three out of four times it’s the girl that breaks up with the boy?  The good news is the usually regrets the decision or is on the fence about it. However, she is going to keep up the front that she doesn’t want to get back together. Without being manipulative, you can work with these truths to get her back.

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How To Stop A Divorce

Are you suffering and need to know how to stop a divorce? If you are the one who made the call to finish the marriage and now you have changed your mind, you should understand that you are in a better position than most of those trying to save their relationships. It is very likely that your love wants to get back together with you, as well. You will need to swallow your pride and apologize.

On the other hand, you will need to work harder if your spouse is the one who asked for the divorce. If this is the case, I suggest you watch this video. It’s short and free and covers how advanced techniques can help you repair your marriage. Read more How To Stop A Divorce

How Can I Get My Ex Girlfriend Back? What Are The Chances?

can-i-get-my-girlfriend-backHow can I get my ex girlfriend back, you ask? Believe it or not, if you follow the proper steps and don’t make any of the common but devastating mistakes that most do, then there is a good chance that you can repair this relationship. What are the ‘right things’ you must do to make her want your back? What are the ‘wrong things’ you are probably doing right now that are pushing her even further away from you? All these “do’s and don’ts” can be found in this more exhaustive article on how to get your ex back.

Experts argue over what is the more important first step for resolving differences with an ex lover. However, you can’t go wrong with taking stalk of what aspects of the breakup you are responsible for and then apologizing for them. Don’t expect anything in return from your ex for doing this. Your goal is not to get her to admit her mistakes. This is about you coming clean with yourself and her.
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How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back Successfully

Most people find themselves wondering how to get an ex girlfriend back after a separation. This usually leads to rumination on all the possible outcomes had they behaved differently. Finally, the dwelling on what could have been different descends into scheming what can be done to get her back. DON’T make these typical mistakes. Click here for the step-by-step plan that WILL help you succeed. Read more How To Get An Ex Girlfriend Back Successfully