How To Get Your Ex Back

how to get your ex backRight now you are likely in a lot of pain. But, I’m going to ask you to trust me. Why would you do that? I’ve been where you are right now more than once. I know that it’s hard to think clearly and rationally in the state of mind that you are currently in. However, even if you knew how to get your ex back right now, it wouldn’t do you any good.

But please just bear with me while we clarify some things. We need to know how you arrived in the place you’re in now.

How To Get Your Ex Back?

Our first step to learning how to get your ex back is to be crystal clear on the reasons behind the end of your relationship. If we can’t properly diagnose the cause of the breakup, then there is no way to prescribe the proper remedy. Anything you try to do to repair the relationship will most likely only make it worse.

I have a remedy that can heal and repair your relationship. But it’s going to require you to be brutally honest with yourself. It’ll be an emotional journey fraught with both hopelessness and hope. However, if you stick with me through this process, you’ll come out stronger than you were before and with a feeling of calm satisfaction, whether or not the relationship is salvaged.

Our first task is to understand the relationship. We may even need to examine some of your previous relationships to search for negative patterns of behavior, or, to see if you aren’t attracting the right people to you.

Second, we are going to deal with the pain you are feeling now. This journey to happiness and freedom will be too difficult if you are miserable.

Third, we are going to examine your “ex” to determine whether or not it’s a good idea to get back together with them. Is it better to just let them go? Or, are they really the “one” that you should be spending the rest of your life with.

If we determine that your ex is a good partner for you, then I will share with you some tricks and strategies to make your ex miss you so much that they will be trying to seek you out, not the other way around.

At this stage of the game all you need to do is make sure that you don’t mess up everything you’ve achieved. You will be well on the way to relationship recovery.

I’ll even show you what to do if someone is trying to put the moves on your ex. I have some tips and tricks that will drastically increase your chances of success should you make it through the previous steps I introduced above.

So… Are you ready to learn how to get your ex back for good?

Just a word of caution before we move on. Even though you are going to develop a positive outlook while trying to repair this relationship, you do have to consider the possibility that your ex just wants to move on without you. This shouldn’t upset you. Should we go through all this work together and still, at the end of it all, your ex is just not interested in repairing the relationship, your response should be one of gratitude. Prepare yourself now for this possible outcome. You should be thankful for it. You don’t want to be with someone who doesn’t want to be with you.

Okay… Let’s not waste any more time. Why did your relationship fail? Like a doctor who can’t treat the disease until it is successfully diagnosed, we can’t repair your relationship until the cause of its failure is properly diagnosed and understood.


Were Either You Or Your Partner Unfaithful?

If your partner was unfaithful…

This is a truly difficult situation for you. Having someone you love commit such an intimate act with someone else can be truly devastating. I know, it’s happened to me before. In my case, it didn’t work out and we ended up separating permanently. However, not all relationships damaged by infidelity need to end up in complete failure. There is a path to successful healing. But, will get into how to get your ex back after one of you were unfaithful a bit later.

If you were unfaithful…

Just as it would be extremely painful and difficult for you, so is it for your ex if you are the one who cheated. Two things will need to happen here. One, you will have to search your own soul and identify what led you to be unfaithful. Second, your ex needs to heal, in this will take time, maybe a lot of time. So you will need to give your ex the space they need to recover.

Once the cheater admits that what they did was wrong and understands why they did it, and once the victim has time to recover and forgive, then the relationship will be able to move on as the two of you begin to rebuild the trust that was broken.


Did Neediness Or The Need To Take Control Play a Role?

Neediness and its close cousin jealousy are both a result of low self-esteem and a low sense of self-worth. Sadly, the victim of the neediness and jealousy is often seen by the needy one as the offender.

Low self-confidence and poor self-esteem often make an individual sad, depressed and dejected. These individuals attempt to lift themselves up through their relationships with others. This never works. It only makes the other feel suffocated and sucked dry of energy, so much so that all they want to do is run away.

Sometimes those who are in the relationship with someone who is needy isn’t even able to verbalize why they feel uncomfortable in the relationship. They just want to leave because they know that the partnership takes the energy right out of them.

If you are the needy one, then we will have to work on building your self-esteem and self-worth. If your partner is the needy one, they are going to have to make a deliberate effort to learn how to feel better about themselves.

To be continued…

Coming soon:

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  • The important step you must complete before attempting to get back together with your ex.
  • Is your ex really the right person for you?
  • How to make your ex want you back.
  • Becoming a couple again without messing things up.
  • Communicating about the next stage of development to make sure your relationship doesn’t fail again.
  • Some obstacles that may be a barrier to your relationships progress.
  • What to do if your ex doesn’t want you back.

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